TABOR: The Apprentice's Book of Reflections

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ISBN: 9781457539015
176 pages

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Human nature and all its complexity lends itself to inspection and introspection. Quick snapshots of the various aspects of the human condition provide food for thought.

A provocative book offering insights on concepts ranging from psychological development and personality disorders to friendship and the loss of potential through failure to act or to bring enough energy to the occasion. The soul’s purpose, aging and generational gaps and the naïve optimism of the young, and the importance of creativity in all its forms take their turn under the microscope.


About D.B. GaNung

D. B. GaNung, a merchant mariner, has sailed the external world and seen many ports, many climes, and many beliefs, but he has also explored the inner world, not only reading extensively on those long voyages, but refl ecting, forming opinions, assembling a world view. In Tabor he shares a multiplicity of insights, perspectives, and conclusions with which to challenge the reader.



# Human nature, politics

Political systems take far more credit for human urges, or their lack, than is reasonable and true.

# Purpose, pursuits

Most of life is a search for viewpoints adequate to hold our experiences and contain our insanities.


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